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The connection between skills training and general intelligence explored

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Most cognitive abilities are positively related psychology research has found, which means that a person that has developed reasoning abilities also generally has better skills in e.g. vocabulary. This factor has been termed “G” or general intelligence, but how this underlying mechanism develops has remained in the shadows until now. To find out what the g-factor really is scientists from Cambridge University has performed a longitude study where 785 people, ages 14 to 24, were tested on two occasions approximately 1.5 years apart. The focus of the test was fluid reasoning abilities (solving abstract puzzles) and vocabulary (knowing the definitions of words). The result was published in the journal Psychological Science and the result shows that the “mutualism”-model is the best explanation, meaning that different skills help each other to improve more quickly. The researcher Rogier Kievit comments in the following way: “General cognitive ability is strikingly predictive of various important life outcomes ranging from academic and professional success, to mental and physical health and even longevity — to understand why this is so, we must better understand what this g-factor really is.” Source: Association of Psychological Science

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