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40 years after the Soweto student uprising – ICT builds educational growth

eLearningworld Weekly Review Yesterday, forty years have past since the Soweto student uprising started. High school students protested against racism and other injustices in school and the change of language in education to Afrikaans, in Bishop Desmond Tutu’s words: “the language of the oppressor”. The 20 000 protesters was met by extreme police brutality from the apartheid regime where the official number of students that was killed is 176, but other estimations says that real… Continue reading

Latest News: UNESCO educate 100 teachers in mobile learning to empower women and girls

eLearningworld News from Nigeria The general goal is to empower women and girls in literacy where the first step is to educate 100 teachers to use mobile learning. The project is run by UNESCO in co-operation with Nigerian authorities and the media company NAN. The eLearning lessons focus on Basic Science and Technology, Mathematics and English targeting both non-formal education and students from formal education. The UNESCO Project Coordinator, Hajiya Safiya Mohammed says: “The project… Continue reading

Latest News: Learning as the main meeting-place in future Cities

eLearningworld News from UNESCO The International Conference of Learning Cities took place this week in Mexico City as a part of the UNESCO’s ambition to promote lifelong learning in urban-areas. The member-cities within Learning Cities-network are from all over the world and met to exchange experiences and to develop innovative solutions for lifelong learning. Six basic points form the foundation for this work. 1. Inclusive learning in the educational system, 2. Revitalising learning in families… Continue reading

Latest News: Today is the International Literacy Day!

eLearningworld News from UNESCO Literacy is a fundamental human right and today September 8 the International Literacy Day is celebrated all over the world. In Paris at the UNESCO Headquarters an event to celebrate the Literacy Day is taking place that includes an award ceremony and meetings to form a basis for the organisations actions within the field the coming years. There is still a lot left to be done in total around 120 million… Continue reading

Latest News: UNESCO report reveals the poorest countries needs fivefold more donations for educational spending

eLearningworld News from the World Unesco’s Education for All Global Monitoring Report shows an annual financing gap of US$22 billion over 2015-2030 for reaching universal pre-primary, primary and lower secondary education of good quality in low and lower middle income countries. For example low income countries will need to increase the amount of spending per primary school student from US$65 to US$199 by 2030. Even with the best possible growth projections the goals will not… Continue reading