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Obstacles for School’s to go Digital in Sweden

Last year the Swedish government introduced a national digitization plan for schools. The plan includes that the local authorities should offer a workable digital infrastructure as well as a detailed strategy for adapting schools to the digital society’s requirements. In a new book by Åke Grönlund, Professor of Informatics and Matilda Wiklund at the Örebro University, the authors identify this foundation for the digitization of school as a bottleneck. During three years the researchers have… Continue reading

From grades and tests to focus on pupils own reflections – Helsinki takes the lead

eLearningworld News Helsinki is now introducing portfolio pedagogy where the evaluation focuses more on the pupil’s performance in discussions, ability to reflect on what the pupil has learned, and skills to put the knowledge into action. According to this form of pedagogy, the pupil will receive in addition to the grade an attachment with the portfolio where an evaluation of the level of knowledge and the development is described. The portfolio pedagogy evaluation is implemented… Continue reading

Four Robots to work in School

eLearningworld News Skövde is a municipality in central Sweden. When the pupils in four of their primary schools come back after the summer holidays a new educational assistant will meet up. Since the municipality has bought four robots to the schools. The aim is that the robots will assist in class in different ways, e.g. to help pupils that are lagging behind. The pioneering efforts to include robot assistants in education is triggered by Skövde… Continue reading

To transform a failed educational system for future success, new report

eLearningworld News A new World Bank report on education focus on fours main themes 1) make the education’s promise a reality; 2) the need to shine a light on learning and its potential; 3) how to make schools work for all learners; and 4) how to make systems work for learning. In the report the origins of the problem are described in the following way: “Students everywhere must learn how to interpret many types of… Continue reading

Edtech competition of best practice to support education leaders

eLearningworld News What is best practice to use technology to improve education? To answer this question MIT’s Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL) North America has launched a new competition with the focus on the best models and support to identify the most effective uses of educational technology. This should be seen in the light of that the spending on edtech increases dramatically and this grows a demand for evidence-based research of what actually… Continue reading

Introducing European Education in Secondary Schools

eLearningworld News European integration is about to speed up again, in this spirit education should follow in its tracks, which the Luxembourgish Minister of Education, Claude Meisch has acknowledged. On 8 December 2017 he presented a new public European education offer in three Luxembourgish secondary schools where the foundation is language education. The International School in Differdange and Esch-sur-Alzette has been running such education since September 2016 and with the new three schools European education… Continue reading

Latest News: Six trends that will develop Primary- and Secondary School

eLearningworld News from the World The new Horizon Report K-12 Edition 2016 identifies six trends that will reshape school towards 21th Century standards. Short-term trends “Coding as a Literacy” and “Students as Creators”. Mid-term trends “Collaborative Learning” and “Deeper Learning Approaches” Long-term trends “Redesigning Learning Spaces” and “Rethinking How Schools Work” The report also identifies developments in primary- and secondary school where makerspaces and online learning as digital strategies and technologies expected to enter mainstream… Continue reading

Latest News: Georgian Minister of Education setting the agenda for an ebook future in school

eLearningworld News from Georgia Georgia’s newly appointed Minister of Education, Alexander Jejelava, is now promoting a gradual replacement of printed books in favour of ebooks in the school-system. “We have already arranged several meetings between local publishers and the companies that produce and develop electronic books abroad. We are going to tell the local publishers to offer electronic textbooks as an alternative,” Jejelava said. He estimates that during next 2-3 years 10 percent of the… Continue reading

Latest News: Government funding new tool and method to fight cyberbullying

eLearningworld News from UK An online app that lets children report bullying will be rolled out to 300 schools and approximately 120 000 pupils in the UK. The method of the antibullying-app is that the pupils take screenshots of abusive messages on social media or even take photographs of bullies in action. Then in the next step send them via the app where the reports will be delivered to read by staff at the child’s… Continue reading

Latest News: Adapting teacher training to take the lead in the Digital Age

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government is launching a new curriculum for teacher training where the education to become a teacher in primary school will require a master degree with five years of study from 2017. Two of the areas the new curriculum focuses on are a much stronger direction on science-based knowledge and to be able to use ICT within all subject-fields of teaching. To acquire top digital skills are regarded as a… Continue reading