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Robots boost student’s engagement to learn, new research

eLearningworld News New research from Michigan University shows that robot learning generally benefits remote students more than traditional video-conferencing where multiple students are displayed on a single screen. MSU’s College of Education started using robot learning in 2015 where the robots are placed in class with a integrated video screen that is controlled by the remote student. In this way the student can communicate with others in the room and also move around within it.… Continue reading

Latest News: Baxter Robot teach itself to Grasp objects

eLearningworld News from US A human baby very fast learns to grasp different objects in unstructured environments. Until now this has been a complicated and very slow task for robots. Lerrel Pinto and Abhinav Gupta at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has taken up this challenge and invented the Baxter robot. The general purpose was to create a robot that interacts with everyday objects in an intelligent way. In order to make this happen Baxter… Continue reading

Latest News: Improves handwriting and writing skills by teaching robots

eLearningworld News from Switzerland How can engagement in learning be improved for unmotivated students? Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) answer is flip the roles in the classroom and make the student teach, not the teacher, but a robot. The researchers based in Lausanne has from this prerequisite developed a prototype of a humaniod robot called CoWriter. The robot is designed to initially have difficulties to spell and has lousy handwriting, while… Continue reading