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Rethinking Math part 2: The maker’s movement

How to improve and adapt math teaching to the digital age’s prerequisites was generally described in part 1 including Dan Meyer’s excellent TedTalk and a scene from the TV-series Numbers. In this 2nd part, one of the general developments in the digital era and its connection with the rethinking math perspective will be analysed. This story also can be seen as the fifth part of our series of articles about school digitalization. Authentic Learning Models… Continue reading

Latest News: New research shows how the brain works with mathematics

eLearningworld News from France Research from CEA-Inserm-Université Paris Sud-Collège de France has discovered the network of brain regions involved in advanced mathematics and also simpler arithmetic operations. The research method that was used was to study the brains of fifteen professional mathematicians using functional MRI where MRI images were taken while they thought for four seconds about advanced mathematical and non-mathematical statements. The result shows that the network is only activated when numbers are seen… Continue reading

Latest News: Pedagogy for mathematics from Japan improve learning and engagement

eLearningworld News from Sweden Teachers of mathematics in Japan do not handle a new math-problem by showing the solution on the blackboard. Instead they are letting the students guess the answer by taking a non-authoritative role in the classroom. This is a much more active pedagogical approach that has proved to be very successful, which also Japan’s Pisa-results show. Yukiko Asami-Johansson, researcher at Gävle University College in Sweden now is working to show that this… Continue reading