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Taking the digitization of school seriously

The Norwegian government now is working to overbridge the digital divide for the next step of the digitization of school. In this spirit, it is starting eight new projects for further training of teachers to improve their digital competence. The method that will be used to focus on a flexible and adaptable curriculum to the individual teacher’s work situation. The themes of the courses are programming and robotics in the industry, and how the working… Continue reading

Latest News: Digital tools to bridge the gap between school and labour market

eLearningworld News from Denmark The Danish Ministry of Education is launching four new digital tools for pupils age 15-16 years old that suppose to form a bridge to the prospects on the labour market after school. Tool 1. My school-achievement that focus on study-skills and result. Tool 2. My strengths focus on the pupils individual abilities. Tool 3. My intro-courses Tool 4. My job-proposals that from the pupils preferences will send concrete suggestions to jobs… Continue reading