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Sign of the time – New Digital Art Museum to light up Tokyo

eLearningworld News TeamLab was founded in 2001 and includes artists, programmers, engineers, computer animators, mathematicians and architects that as a group term themselves “ultra-technologists”. Until now they have worked with digital art exhibitions around the world, and they are opening a digital museum in Tokyo. The vision is “We’ve wanted to create the exhibition that delivers the borderless artwork world, and figured we needed to establish the museum itself in order to make that happen,”… Continue reading

Latest News: School-system disables Arts and Culture

eLearningworld News from UK The creative arts sector is valued to £76.9 billion in UK. In the Warwick commission report that was published yesterday all aspects of this sector is included, e.g. everything from film and music to video games and fashion. The report reveals that the number of pupils taking GCSE in design, drama and other craft-related subjects dramatically falls. The reasons according to the report are spending-cuts and the government that exclusive focus… Continue reading