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New Cyber Strategy to teach the youngsters about the dangers on the Web

eLearningworld News The Government of Denmark is launching a new strategy to make children and youth more aware of the dangers on the web. The basic vision is to improve the digital competence with learning modules in order to make the youngsters better equipped to decode potential danger-zones and learn how to handle them. The strategy also includes an upgrade of the teacher’s skills to teach about cyber-security from young people’s perspective. The focus of… Continue reading

New Strategy to improve Foreign Language skills in Denmark

eLearningworld News The working life of the digital age requires extended language skills. The continual integration of the EU Single Market is boosting these demands from the business world. To meet these demands the Danish Government now is launching a new strategy to improve multi-language skills besides English on all educational levels. Besides boosting language skills the purpose with the new strategy is to improve understanding of other cultures and our common European history. Søren… Continue reading

Authentic Science Education replaces traditional Curriculum in School

As the first school in Denmark, Sønderskov School in Sønderborg is now introducing the “LEAPS-model” to replace the subject-based traditional curriculum. LEAPS stands for Learning and Engagement through Authentic Projects with focus on Science. In this spirit, the education will be focusing on a cross-scientific projects that is directed on real world problems. “The teaching and learning will be taken out of the books and brought out in the real world.” the school leader Rasmus… Continue reading

Robots, Internet of things etc. What do people think? New Danish survey

eLearningworld News A new Danish survey from Nordstat shows that 32% of the Danes embrace the development of digital technologies and believe it will create new and workable opportunities for them in the future. While 15% fears an interconnected future with robots and IoT, e.g. because of the fear of losing the job. The group the most fears the development of digital technologies is voters of the xenophobic party, Dansk Folkeparti. 20% of the participants… Continue reading

Several dimensions of Vocational Education improves with Edtech, pilot project shows

eLearningworld News Ten Danish vocational schools has participated in the pilot project ”IT as pedagogic tool in vocational education”. The main result of the data that has been systematically collected is that 1. using IT in vocational education increases the students motivation och engagement, 2. IT improves the diversity in the education, which makes it better adapt to different learning styles, 3. edtech form a bridge between the education in school and the internship at… Continue reading

Latest News: Research shows how use of ICT in School empower Pupils for the future

eLearningworld News from Denmark Denmark is no1 of the Nordic Countries when it comes to school ICT maturity. Now the final report has been published of a big research project with focus on how the use of ICT in primary school empowers pupils for the future society. The result shows that pupils that are using ICT often in school improve collaboration skills, is more critical to information and are better to transform new ideas to… Continue reading

Latest News: Danish Government investing more in eLearning

eLearningworld News from Denmark Danish students are using a great amount of IT in education in comparison with other OECD countries a recent report shows and the digital literacy is on an equally high level. But the technology could be used better to improve the learning environment. With this background the Danish Government the next year is directing additional funding to buy digital learning applications. Since it is seen as one of the main tools… Continue reading

Latest News: Low Grade on national Digital Spelling- and Reading skills test

eLearningworld News from Denmark 13 000 pupils in the ninth grade in the Danish school participated in a pilot-project with digital testing in spelling and reading skills with automatic correction of the test. But because of an technical error the pupils received lower score in comparison with the remaining 52 000 pupils that did the test on paper and was corrected manually. Since the evaluation of the pilot-project shows that there is reason to believe… Continue reading

Latest News: Digitalisation to improve quality in Vocational Training

eLearningworld News from Denmark The Ministry of Education in Denmark is launching a new strategy for vocational training in order to improve quality and make better use of available resources. The main engine in the new strategy is to bridge students’ learning-process in the classroom and the workplace (where the student make the practice) with ICT. This will also create more experience-exchange between the educational organisation and the workplaces that are involved in the programme.… Continue reading

Latest News: Experiment with digital tests in Primary School

eLearningworld News from Denmark In May 2015 the Danish Ministry of Education starts the work with developing a central solution for digital distribution of written examinations in Primary School. During a trial period ten schools will participate. In Secondary School a similar project has been running since 2013. Different forms of tests and distribution, like test by email and system supported tests, will be used. The experiences from these projects e.g. when it comes to… Continue reading