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Lifelong Learning required! Research shows promising results

eLearningworld New Adult Education Survey is conducted since 2007 and has during this time shown a massive increase in people between the age 18 to 64 that takes on new educational challenges. In Germany last year, 50 percent of the Germans have taken part in some form of training. Most active in these lifelong training efforts are the group between 18-50 years, but the group aged 50-64 continually increases their engagement in learning during the… Continue reading

Latest News: Study shows businesses plan to increase eLearning budgets

eLearningworld News from the World eLearning Journal’s research study 2015 among 1000 businesses shows that 57% plans to increase their eLearning budgets in the next three years. The study also shows that management, but also all other personnel has influence of how the budget is being used. Recent research show that employees learn mostly informally, which this study confirms. In concern of subject IT and product training is most common. Source: Press Release TTS  … Continue reading

Latest News: World Bank Report on Lifelong Learning and Golden Aging

eLearningworld News from Europe and Central Asia A new World Bank report looks at the challenges of aging populations and identifies opportunities for citizens in Europe and Central Asia to move closer to a “Golden Age” of aging. With a background of falling fertility rates and people stays healthy longer the solution according to the report is that the retirement age should much more flexible. However, this could have a significant impact on the productivity… Continue reading

Latest News: Interactive Learning to fight bullying in the workplace

eLearningworld News from UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) is launching a new practical and interactive eLearning resource on improving workplace behaviour. This resource is e-turorial/video-based and includes six interactive real-life scenarios. It aims to help healthcare professionals especially trainees and trainers to become more aware of the difficult issues surrounding undermining and bullying in the workplace. And it illustrates various methods on how to tackle this. Source: Press Release by RCOG Continue reading

Study Motivation and eLearning … A summary

  The following series of articles is about the characteristics of a motivating study environment that is based on eLearning. But it will also show how the student’s own driving forces affect the learning in such an environment. Below some of the results will be presented that will be analysed in the following articles. Intrinsic study motivation Research shows that powerful intrinsic study motivation has little or no effect on the study result! However, there are… Continue reading