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Making improvement for learning with the Internet of Things

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The web connected people, now the internet of things is about to do the same with the devices. This development we are just the very beginning of, with innovations like self-driving cars and wearables to improve exercise, to mention two of many areas. But as wearables for physical training already is on the market, how can internet of things be used for brain training, in other words for learning and skills development? Basically, the IoT has the potential tear down traditional barriers in education such as economic status, geography, language and physical location. Below follows four points that hopefully gives some ideas of the future of learning:

  • Smartboard in the classroom that distributes what is written to the students’ smartphone, and why not the other way around that the student can write on the smartboard from their smartphone. This could be especially interesting for live online lessons.
  • Students as creators were one of the trends in the latest Horizon Report. IoT can boost this trend e.g. that learning by doing skills is very much required in a big data world, where students need to learn to understand, build and control these systems.
  • Automation of administrative tasks that traditionally teachers have struggled with.
  • Interactive eBooks for learning that do much more than just digitalise the text of a printed book, including sensors for personalization and open qualitative feedback etc.
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