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How to Engage with Gamification for Serious Results

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Take game mechanics with engaging triggers like exploring, gaining recognition for efforts in real time, advancing on the Leaderboard, choosing and refining strategy, gaining new knowledge and skills etc. Then put all this in a real world scenario. The outcome is gamification and a boosted environment to engage to reach your organisational goals.  As Professor Nick Flor at Anderson School of Management writes: “Primitive humans evolved an innate affinity for playing games, because games allowed them to practice and develop in a safe environment, those mental and physical skills necessary for survival when actually fighting, hunting or gathering. Gamification touches on a primal instinct to find and collect things, to hone eye-hand coordination, to assimilate into a culture, and ultimately to have an avenue to compete with one another.” We have earlier on eLearningworld explored gamification environments targeting the fields of health, recruitment, police, fight terrorism and others. But how to design for best performance?

Below follows five vital points:

  1. Define your specific goals with the gamified environment. What do you like to achieve with your gamified environment? Socialising, exploring, competing, creating, problem-solving, managing, collaborating or something else?
  2. Let the user engage in an authentic story with integrated tasks.
  3. Focus on intrinsic motivation with extrinsic rewards as bonus.
  4. Problem-solving tasks should be included.
  5. Make it entertaining!
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