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Latest News: Billions spent on School Digitalization still lack of teacher-training

eLearningworld News from Denmark Denmark is one of the countries that have invested most in School Digitalization with focus on IT-infrastructure and tools. But training to actually use the new possibilities in teaching and education are still lagging behind according to new research from Aarhus University. Too often the use of the IT-tools does not go any further than how teachers and students use the computer privately. Source: Politiken Continue reading

Latest News: Stockholm support training of digital skills to teacher-students

eLearningworld News from Sweden The municipality of Stockholm has become a member of Rebel Learner that is a network to improve and complement teacher-student’s practical skills in Leadership-, Value- and Digitalization. The direct connection to the most highly skilled teacher-students also forms a base to future recruitment. Rebel Learners is a non-profit organisation that is funded by member-fees. At the moment the network has 100 teacher-students in their programme and is now working to increase… Continue reading

Latest News: Security Issues in Online Education for Pupils

eLearningworld News from World New York Times reports that many educational websites have security problems, which can allow unauthorized people to steal data like pupils names, files and skill level etc. There is cases where passwords was found unencrypted and some were even available in plain text. However, so far none of the security issues found of the 20 websites and apps that was analysed appears to have been exploited by hackers. But since such… Continue reading

Latest News: Family and Social Policy Ministry investigating Minecraft

eLearningworld News from Turkey The Turkish Family and Social Policy Ministry is now analysing the violence in the game-platform Minecraft. Minecraft allows the players to build, explore and progress to new levels in the game. The platform is also a growing ground for education and learning since the very essence of the game comes from what the player create. After complaints the Ministry is investigating the violence and if it triggers the users to become… Continue reading

Latest News: Free Dutch Language Introduction Online by Groningen University

eLearningworld News from Netherlands 10 000 people already has registered for the MOOC “Introduction to Dutch” that starts March 2. The MOOC is developed by the Language Centre at Groningen University. The course run over three weeks and introduces the student to the Dutch culture and everyday talk.  Today, 15 000 international students is studying Dutch at universities around the world and 400 000 takes classes on pre-university level. Source: Groningen University and UKNieuws Continue reading

Latest News: Ivory Coast launches ICT-training for 6000 teachers

eLearningworld News from Africa The Minister of Education and Technical Education, Kandia Camara, announced that teacher training in information technology is a prioritised area at launch of a three year programme to solve these shortcomings. About 6000 teachers will be included in the programme that is a part of the UNESCO-CFIT-project. The Minister of Education claims that the previous weaknesses in knowledge of ICT are now an obstacle to exercise the teacher profession. China is… Continue reading

Latest News: Pilotproject of using iPad in education

eLearningworld News from Sweden What is the impact of using iPads in education? Will the teaching and the study’s suffer or improve? These questions teachers and pupils is trying to answer in a pilot-project i Frösåkersskolan (grade 7-9) in Uppsala, Sweden. All pupils have their own iPad and the teachers has gone through training. The result so far is that improvement of education, more quite in the school’s corridors because the pupils is occupied playing… Continue reading

Latest News: Ministry of Education set goal to train 320 000 teachers

eLearningworld News from France In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre the French Ministry of Education is aiming to train 320 000 teachers on secularisation and other civic issues. The Minister of Education, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, has appointed 1000 educators for the purpose. The training is a two day course on secularism, moral and civic issues. It will run across departments and academies. Source: Le Figaro Continue reading

Latest News: Big interest of entrepreneurship among youth

eLearningworld News from France A survey from the movement of youth- and student entrepreneurs, Moovjee, in France shows that 34% of the high school students and university students are considering starting their own business. The reasons for considering this is for instance to be free to make own decisions (90%), show ones own potential (86%) and enthusiasm (43%). A big majority believe that the greatest obstacle to start a new business is to get funding… Continue reading

Latest News: eLearning as a recruitment tool for hospitals

eLearningworld News from World Health Organisation eLearning could become a great recruitment-base for the healthcare-sector according to a report from the World Health Organisation (WHO). ICT could enable millions more students to train as doctors and nurses worldwide. The source of this conclusion is a new systemic review of literature commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and carried out by Imperial College London researchers. In addition the researchers claim that eLearning can be as… Continue reading