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Digital Society Education – No more Ranking from Exam results

As the number 1 in the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) education rankings 2016, Singapore is now taking one further step to improve and adapt the educational system to the digital society.  Ong Ye Kung, Education Minister of Singapore, says: “Learning is not a competition”. In this spirit, the Ministry of Education (MOE) is planning a series of changes that all are aimed at discouraging comparisons between student performance and encourage individuals to… Continue reading

Digital Society Education – Improving Social Work with VR-Training

Can VR help to improve social work? Professor Nicholas Lanzieri at New York University has created a VR-simulation that takes the student as a social worker through New York City’s Lower East Side. Here the student will enter an environment and explore possible challenges for clients. Professor Lanzieri explains: “I’m always excited about using different technologies to really tap into learning styles and help students acquire information in different ways.” It is an excellent way… Continue reading

Digital Society Education – €13.7 million to LifeLong Learning

“Lære heile livet” (Learning the whole life) is a new competence reform that is now being proposed by the Norwegian government. The funding of €13.7 million is directed towards developing a more flexible educational market for lifelong learning. The focus is set on digital competence, programmes for different business fields where a lot of new competence is required and module-based learning. Where this, in the next step will be one of the engines to transform the… Continue reading

Digital Society Education – “A School Open to the Professional World”

Digital Society Education – “A School Open to the Professional World” Mixing education with entrepreneurship is one of the main workable equations for successful learning in the digital society. The Minister of Education, Children and Youth in Luxembourg, Claude Meisch, and director of the Lycée des Arts et Métiers, Fabrice Roth, presented October 1, 2018, three new high-tech certificates (BTS) – dedicated to the design of video games and connected objects – as well as the… Continue reading

Double victory for the ebook

Today, Octobre 2 2018, the ministers of finance of the EU member states have decided that digital, streaming and downloadable books including audiobooks are allowed to have a reduced VAT-level like the traditional printed book within the EU. This is a victory for freedom of speech and whole book market and its readers, which means that a story is a story whatever format it is published in, and same goes with textbooks for education etc.… Continue reading

Understanding the impact of Gamification with Psychology models

A multi-disciplinary research team from the University of Minnesota, USA, University of Waterloo, Canada, University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada, Old Dominion University, USA and University of Basel, Switzerland has developed a research method to use psychology models to research the impact of gamification. The purpose to improve research of gamified mechanisms used in learning, user experience design in general, healthcare and government. Where the mind of the user when interacting in a gamified experience now… Continue reading

After Digitization? New Research Program of Quantum Technologies

After Digitization? New Research Program of Quantum Technologies eLearningworld News The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research announces the approval of a new research program within the field of Quantum physics and technologies. The program framework is described as research for “quantum technologies – from the basics to the market” with total funding of €650 million. “We want to continue and expand the strong position of research in Germany in the field of quantum… Continue reading

A Day of Diversity, Unity and Interculturalism

eLearningworld News A Day of Diversity, Unity and Interculturalism Today, September 26, is the European Day of Languages. 800 million Europeans that are represented in the Council of Europe’s 47 member states is encouraged to have an extra focus on the benefits of learning a language. At the same time as Europe’s diversity of languages is celebrated as a power source from the continents rich cultural heritage. European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year… Continue reading

Sweden’s first Professor of EdTech

eLearningworld News Sweden’s first Professor of EdTech Italo Masiello has become the first Professor of EdTech in Sweden at the Linné University in the south-central part of the country. In this interdisciplinary field between especially technology and pedagogy, the focus of his work will be set on digital learning processes. The new professorship also should be seen in the light of that digital competence since July 1, 2018, is a part of the national curriculum in… Continue reading

Children’s abilities in focus for the next generation AI

eLearningworld News Children’s abilities next generation AI Josh Tenenbaum, at the Computational Cognitive Science lab at MIT, describing to MIT Technology Review that the next generation AI will have a stronger connection to cognitive science and neuroscience. Professor Tenenbaum explains: “Imagine we could build a machine that starts off like a baby and learns like a child. If we could do this it’d be the basis for artificial intelligence that is actually intelligent, machine learning that could… Continue reading