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interactive stories for branding and marketing Let us build an application that empowers your brand, marketing and sales. Let’s take your business to the next level. Let’s boost your business interactivity and meet your clients/customers in their own personal space, not with harsh sales methods that won’t work anyway, but with engaging with your brand. And everything takes place within our knowledgeable environment of eLearningworld. Let’s let Your stakeholders learn about Your excellence and the… Continue reading

Content Marketing – sponsored stories

Content marketing sponsored stories Get Your message and news out through our knowledgeable environment. Content marketing is the real deal to make an impact and reach your marketing goals. Build the story of your brand and products and services by publishing news items and stories on eLearningworld. It is today available in Swedish, Greek and English (more languages is on the way). Please take a look at the interactive video below to learn more about… Continue reading

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Please, subscribe to our free newsletter Storyteller Latest News Here you will find news of modern learning, literature and an interactive competition with great rewards in every edition. By subscribing you also will be able to follow the development of the platform and news about the development on the platform almost in real time.  CAMPAIGN! YOU’LL GET THE BOOK “LEARNING DESIGN IN PRACTICE FOR EVERYBODY” as a WELCOME GIFT! Click here for download! (The book is also… Continue reading

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Terms for Banner Advertising More marketing services Introduction: This Agreement between you and eLearningworld consists of these Terms and Conditions. ”You” or ”Advertiser” means the entity identified in this enrollment form, and/or any agency acting on its behalf, which shall also be bound by the terms of this Agreement. Please read very carefully these Terms and Conditions. Uses: You agree that your ads may be placed on (i) eLearningworld web site and (ii) Any ads… Continue reading

Storyteller to create interaQtive Books

 to create interaQtive Books STORYTELLER On Demand has been launched! Click for more information Storyteller MakeIT and Storyteller LearningLab will be launched during the of Autumn 2018! Our customer service will answer all Your questions about the makerspace via chat och mail. Very welcome! Click here to go to the website       Please, subscribe to our free newsletter Storyteller Latest News Here you will find news of modern learning, literature and an interactive competition with great… Continue reading

About the digital business | eLearningworld

About the digital business | eLearningworld | Our editorial team LarsGöran Boström, Editor in Chief and Market Manager Virginia Ioannou Boström, Editor, Reporter and Development Oskar Jönsson, Sales and Development Click here for more information about our team and contact eLearningworld Europe AB (organisation number 559006-3318) is running a network of media sites, eLearningworld.eu/.se/.gr/.net (later .pl, .es, .fr and .dk) for News, Analysis, Advertising, Marketing and DireAnalysis, Advertising, Marketing and Direct-sales with focus on ideas, visions, best practice… Continue reading