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Business Schools to move into Virtual Reality

Business Schools to move into Virtual RealityEducation is one thing, and working life put into practice something else, or is it?Apple News Many business schools are now experimenting with virtual reality in order to make the learning experience more authentic to what is waiting outside the doors of the university. Business theory education thereby is complemented with actual training of business skills. Robin Teigland at the Stockholm School of Economics says: “Instead of talking about virtual teams, we could practice being virtual teams. It brought the learning to life.”

New Business School in Silicon ValleyBusiness Schools to move into Virtual Reality

How can a new business school compete with Stanford and Berkley in the Silicon Valley? If you ask SP Jain School of Global Management that is now launching the first Indian business school in the US the answer is to use virtual reality classrooms. The school’s president, Nitish Jain, explains in an interview with Economic Times that courses with virtual reality components is demanded from the transforming corporate sector. He says “VR can take education to a whole new level. VR can mimic any situation and we will learn by deep immersion. In other words, we can create real-life experiences.” It is an authentic way to actually be in the room to experience leadership or teamwork or find a workable solution to an upcoming business problem.

Bring life to case studies

Anne Trumbore, director of Wharton Online, business school’s digital initiative, says to Business Because: “It’s one experience to read a case study, and another to virtually live it.” In bringing virtual reality to the classroom or really making a virtual classroom from real-world experiences creates a whole new dimension to skills development and understanding. A first authentic glance at the trial and error environment of the entrepreneur, leadership by creating a creative work-environment, improving personal sales techniques or get the most out of working in a team. Besides the technology also great case stories is required to get the most out of this new dimension of business school education.

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