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Designing a Brand Story strategy for dynamic Interaction

Stories and storytelling is a handiwork designed to engage with the human mind. While data is its own form of poetry, in the first step mostly workable for computers and digital applications, to in the next step make them be able to assist you to simplify tasks in your everyday life and working life. Data is thereby for simplification and measuring, while storytelling can open new horizons for people and engage to improve and reach… Continue reading

Latest News: Ministry of Education launching strategy and several projects for School Digitalization

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg Luxembourg’s Minister of Education, Claude Meisch presented a Digital Strategy for Education in May 20. The focus is set on two main areas: 1. Digital education, preparing young people for a complex work environment that constantly changing, and their role as citizens in the private and public domain. 2. For digital education: to promote new learning strategies and innovative teaching projects as roads to the general digitalisation of school. The strategy… Continue reading

Latest News: Higher Education Organisations launch Edtech Sweden

eLearningworld News from the Sweden Edtech Sweden is an initiative with purpose to accelerate the edtech development in Sweden. The focus is set develop a long-term strategy and vision that according to the initiators of the project has been non-existent during the past decade. While countries in the northern Europe like Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and UK successfully have implemented strategies for edtech development. It is according to the initiators time to take the challenges… Continue reading