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Universities as the engine of social entrepreneurship

eLearningworld Entrepreneurial News In Stanford Social Innovation Review, Ben Mangan, Claire Markham and Kristiana Raube, all connected to Berkeley-Haas, identifies three ways for universities to become engines of social entrepreneurship. The platforms to build social enterprise, according to the authors, should include open doors to the classrooms of the voices of stakeholders. Meaning that it should work as a flipped classroom with focus on real life experience within the classroom. The second point is that… Continue reading

Latest News: Four cornerstones for growth of the European eLearning market

eLearningworld News from EU A new forecast for the e-learning market in Europe from Technavio shows an expected growth of 12% during the period of 2016-2020. The research company identify four main driving forces; 1. Availability of basic digital infrastructure, where one of many triggers is online examinations. Today, more than half of the institutes in the EU have introduced online examinations, which are expected to reach close to 70% during the forecast period. 2.… Continue reading

Latest News: Online Education Marketplace forms the bridge to the future

eLearningworld News from India On the receipt of the quality of the Indian higher education system e.g. says that it has produced the current CEO of Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Mastercard and Pepsi. At the same time only 2% of the 1.2 billion population is part of the skilled working force, but this is about to change. India is considered the world’s second largest internet user base where now online education is becoming the bridge to… Continue reading

Latest News: What are the prospects of Online Courses? New Research shows the potential

eLearningworld News from Germany and US The market potential of online courses is very promising, both in the B2C and B2B segments, according to a new research report by Dr. Sandra Boehrs and Prof. Dr. Andreas Kraemer, BiTS-Business and Information Technology School GmbH. The report is a comparative study of Germany and US. Dr Boehrs comment: “Both in the US as well as in Germany, e-learning methods and online courses have infused broad sections of… Continue reading