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Building a playground for the five skills that makes innovative leaders

In Harvard Business Review, Katherine Graham-Leviss, the founder and president of XBInsight, present the result and analysis of the competency data on nearly 5000 business leaders that the company has collected. The outcome shows that innovative leaders have five skills in common: Manage risk Demonstrate curiosity Lead courageously Seize opportunities Maintain strategic business perspective However, to boost these skills the workplace should work as a creative space with no bureaucratic or other forms of obstacles … Continue reading

Latest News: Toolkit for Leadership in times of change, London Business School

eLearningworld News from UK Richard Jolly is Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School. In his research on the challenges of leading in times of change he has developed a toolkit of what skills is required. He identify ten keys to management that is vital for success. This includes to focus your time on key priorities, use your emotional intelligence by trusting your instincts, build a great team and show that you care … Continue reading

Latest News: Good leaders have high Emotional Intelligence, but how do you find them?

eLearningworld News from US Annie McKee, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, introducing in Harvard Business Review a method to hire people with high emotional intelligence. Forget personality tests they only measure exactly what they say they do, namely personality. Self-reporting tests will neither tell you anything about emotional intelligence. Annie McKee’s solution instead is to get references and actually talk to them and also interview the job-seeker from the prerequisites of emotional … Continue reading

Latest News: Business schools require a profound update, according to new research

eLearningworld News from France Associate Professor Gianpiero Petriglieri and Assistant Professor Jennifer Petriglieri at INSEAD Business School explore in a new report the problem that business schools’ education in general dehumanizing leadership. According to the Professors this; “… serves as a valuable defense against, but as poor preparation for, the ambiguity and precariousness of leadership in contemporary workplaces.” It is obviously a relic of the 20th Century mass-market-society where the general conclusion is that business schools … Continue reading

Latest News: Educating Public Administration – ICT building the road to a knowledge-based society

eLearningworld News from Africa The Global E-Schools and Communities Initiative (GESCI) is an international NGO that is founded by the United Nations’ Information and Communications Technology Taskforce. Sixteen Anglophone and Francophone countries in Africa participate in the African Leadership in ICT capacity building programme. Until today, almost 500 senior-level government officials have graduated from the course. The curriculum is based on an online course that is blended with face-to-face sessions. The participants spend 15 hours … Continue reading