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Mismatch between business and higher education in Silicon Valley, new research shows

eLearningworld News One of the most important aspects for Silicon Valley’s continual growth and innovation is higher education, in a new book Stanford professors emeriti Dick Scott and Mike Kirst identifies several mismatches. The book with the title Higher Education and Silicon Valley: Connected but Conflicted is based on a longitudinal study describing developments in this area over the past 45 years (1970 to 2015). The research includes 350+ post-secondary educational organizations in the San… Continue reading

Latest News: Department of Education launches beta-version of Apprenticeship Service

eLearningworld News from England Employers and training providers across England are getting the chance to test out the new digital apprenticeship service provided by the government. As part of the design process, around 400 employers and 200 training providers already have tested the system. The service is built to form a digital bridge to help employers to select an apprenticeship framework or standard, choose the training provider or providers they want to deliver the training,… Continue reading

Latest News: New job-opportunities in a society with the Internet of Things

eLearningworld News from the World Internet of things is already here and makes increasingly impact on our life. At the same time as it sends more and more professions to the history book it also creates loads of new jobs. In this spirit, Mark Dorman identifies ten new professions with great future prospects in the era of the internet of things. The smart farmer, agricultural work goes from being less of protection of the countryside… Continue reading

Latest News: LifeLong Learning – Proposal for Mandatory Education for Adults

eLearningworld News from Nordic Countries The former Danish European Union Commissioner Poul Nielson writes the following on behalf of the Nordic Council: “The Nordic governments should commit to the principle of introducing mandatory adult and continuing training for everybody in the labour markets in the Nordic region and, together with the social partners, should decide to implement experimental activities via joint pilot projects as described here in the two basic models for implementation of the… Continue reading

Latest News: ICT labour market in reconstruction as the development speeds up

eLearningworld News from Finland The government of Finland is funding ten universities with totally €1,35 million for courses to retrain people that lost their jobs or risk loosing their jobs in the ICT-sector. The flexible approach of the funding is for courses that support professionals to redirect their competence, productification of competence, international market skills and entrepreneurship for new businesses. The specific fields that are targeted are for example Game Developer, Pedagogical Teacher studies for… Continue reading

Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age

eLearningworld Weekly Review The job market is changing rapidly, but too many politicians still is promoting and sometimes make decisions on subsidies to professions from the 20th Century that is about to disappear. At the same time as they defend labour-market regulations that today only is holding people back. In a Harvard Business Review report the president of Northeastern University, Joseph E. Aoun, outlines a new labour market that is growing with hybrid jobs. This… Continue reading

Latest News: New Research shows promising labour market for Millennials

eLearningworld News from the US Young adult unemployment is a big problem all over the world. In the US in July this year Millennials (18-34 years old) unemployment rate was 40% higher than the average unemployment rate (7.5% versus 5.3%). With this background the non-profit organisation Young Invincibles has analysed 400 occupations with good future prospects of professional growth. Hospitality and retail jobs was excluded because of general lack of good future prospects, while other… Continue reading

Latest News: Digital tools to bridge the gap between school and labour market

eLearningworld News from Denmark The Danish Ministry of Education is launching four new digital tools for pupils age 15-16 years old that suppose to form a bridge to the prospects on the labour market after school. Tool 1. My school-achievement that focus on study-skills and result. Tool 2. My strengths focus on the pupils individual abilities. Tool 3. My intro-courses Tool 4. My job-proposals that from the pupils preferences will send concrete suggestions to jobs… Continue reading

Latest News: 20% adults lack ICT skills, this group is 20% more likely to be unemployed

eLearningworld News from the World The OECD report ‘Adults, Computers and Problem Solving – What’s the Problem? on digital skills of adults that was presented June 23, 2015 reveals the importance of computer skills in modern work life. It also finds a direct correlation between peoples reading skills and ICT skills, meaning that the better people can read, the better their result on ICT-skills-test. The report shows that even adults with the lowest level of… Continue reading

Latest News: World Bank Report on Lifelong Learning and Golden Aging

eLearningworld News from Europe and Central Asia A new World Bank report looks at the challenges of aging populations and identifies opportunities for citizens in Europe and Central Asia to move closer to a “Golden Age” of aging. With a background of falling fertility rates and people stays healthy longer the solution according to the report is that the retirement age should much more flexible. However, this could have a significant impact on the productivity… Continue reading