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Ancient Age Computer – how did it work?

The year of 1901 by Antikythera, a Greek island, a shipwreck was found with many interesting artifacts, like money, works of art and crafts etc. However, the item that made the archaeologist Valerios Stais (and later many others) most curious and confused was a lump of bronze and wood where he discovered a gear within it. What was it then that was found at the bottom of the Ionian Sea? The item that later has… Continue reading

Latest News: Bringing a city’s history to life – Digital storytelling about Lviv

eLearningworld News from Ukraine Lviv Interactive (LIA) is a web-accessible interactive historical map of the city of Lviv that with interactive storytelling presents the city’s history and make more accessible. The purpose with the map is to present the contemporary living city in its historical dimension rather than reproducing a static picture of the past. The project is basically powered with Google Maps and the stories are delivered within ten themes, like Crossroads of Empire,… Continue reading

Latest News: Making history class engaging with scenario and skills development

eLearningworld News from US What changes history? What makes it turn in a new direction? On the micro-level it is decisions. From this perspective the award-winning Harvard Professor David Moss uses a case-based pedagogical method to teach history. Moss introduces the method in the following way: “The best ideas come out of tension, out of disagreeing. Tension is what ensures the best ideas win out.” This is integrating the student in the historical context where the… Continue reading