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Making use of gamification in healthcare

eLearningworld News Can digital games improve healthcare? That is what the annual Games4Health Challenge competition is trying to find out. The Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at University of Utah that is arranging the competition invites college students from all over the world to design games that motivate healthy changes in behavior. The total amount of prize-money this year was 000 and after the time for submission of game-projects ended at the end of March we are … Continue reading

Latest News: Learning a new language improving health, research shows

eLearningworld News from Scotland Learning a second language at any age not only improves skills and cultural understanding. Research from Edinburgh University shows that second language learning also is improving thinking skills and mental agility. The effects can delay brain ageing and offset the initial symptoms of dementia. These findings will hopefully boost more attention to second language learning, e.g. minority languages that all too often is considered of low importance as well as foreign … Continue reading

Latest News: Enhanced digital skills to improve care workers job-environment

eLearningworld News from EU The CARER+ project is designed as a tailor-made technological environment for self- and professional development for care workers. The pedagogy is based on a blended-learning approach with peer-to-peer and intergenerational learning methodology. The programme that is funded by EU ICT Policy Support Programme was piloted in five EU countries (France, Italy, Latvia, Romania and Spain) with totally 500 users. A survey shows that a majority agreed that the homecare they delivered … Continue reading

Latest News: Two new MOOCs on e-health and healthcare quality

eLearningworld News from Sweden Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm starts new MOOC on e-health in co-operation will edX. The course starts April 22 and focus on methods and techniques for collection, management and evaluation of medical information. The students will receive knowledge on secure and effective healthcare information management. You find course information here.  Jönköping Academy announce a new MOOC that is targeting healthcare employees. The purpose with the course is to teach the basics of quality improvement … Continue reading

Latest News: Interactive Learning to fight bullying in the workplace

eLearningworld News from UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) is launching a new practical and interactive eLearning resource on improving workplace behaviour. This resource is e-turorial/video-based and includes six interactive real-life scenarios. It aims to help healthcare professionals especially trainees and trainers to become more aware of the difficult issues surrounding undermining and bullying in the workplace. And it illustrates various methods on how to tackle this. Source: Press Release by RCOG

Latest News: eLearning as a recruitment tool for hospitals

eLearningworld News from World Health Organisation eLearning could become a great recruitment-base for the healthcare-sector according to a report from the World Health Organisation (WHO). ICT could enable millions more students to train as doctors and nurses worldwide. The source of this conclusion is a new systemic review of literature commissioned by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and carried out by Imperial College London researchers. In addition the researchers claim that eLearning can be as … Continue reading