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Building bridges with Online Learning to educate the uneducated

eLearningworld News from Dubai “About 20 000 Pakistani children in the UAE are sitting at home without an education because their parents cannot afford the fees of private schools and community Pakistani schools are full” Samina Nasir former principal of a Pakistani school in Ajman, said to the National. Now an online learning project that targets these children has started for Primary School, grade 1 to 6. Soon grade 7 to 10 will be offered and … Continue reading

Latest News: EU member states education systems still lack in relevance and inclusiveness

eLearningworld News from EU According to this year’s EU Education and Training Monitor report that was published yesterday the EU member states makes progress on reaching EU educational targets. However, the report identifies general weaknesses when it comes to relevance and inclusiveness in the educational system. It is still too much of a world apart from the requirements of the progressing digital society. To use Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, … Continue reading

Making improvement for learning with the Internet of Things

eLearningworld advicestory The web connected people, now the internet of things is about to do the same with the devices. This development we are just the very beginning of, with innovations like self-driving cars and wearables to improve exercise, to mention two of many areas. But as wearables for physical training already is on the market, how can internet of things be used for brain training, in other words for learning and skills development? Basically, … Continue reading

Latest News: Become a Pro in eSport – Community College offers new Education

eLearningworld News from Sweden Strömbäck Community College in the northern part of Sweden has just started the first term of its new education to become an eSport professional. The prerequisites for the applicant were that he or she must have finished secondary school and can show experience as an eSport-player. The course is a 1-year-education with focus on Counterstrike. ⅓ are female participants after the school had put extra efforts to reach this target group, according … Continue reading

Latest News: Education-level in European Cities, No1 is?

eLearningworld News from the EU The post-industrial society has often been termed the knowledge-based society, from Eurostat has published statistics that shows the level of education in European cities. The winner with the highest degree of concentration of graduates is by far London. BBC concluding with a question: Is London going to be a new kind of city state, based on a graduate economy? Especially, since it is to a large extent differing in educational level … Continue reading

Latest News: Top Education Nation to export Vocational Training degrees

eLearningworld News from Finland The quality of Finland’s educational system is admired all over the world. Now the Finnish Government is preparing a new law that makes it possible to export vocational training services including degrees. The focus is to export the flexible independent graduation method where students can graduate from the basis of their former work experience. However, most students participate in preparation courses before the final examination. The concept includes both basic- and … Continue reading

Latest News: Syrian Refugees study Arabic in a Game-based Digital Learning environment

eLearningworld News from Jordan In a collaboration between Libraries Without Borders and eduTechnoz Syrian refugee children in Jordan are now offered language lessons in Arabic. The learning environment is based on the Ideas Box that is a portable multi-media toolkit that is developed by Libraries Without Borders. The toolkit is facilitating and strengthening access to non-formal education for vulnerable communities such as refugees. And it is combined with eduTechnoz game-based educational online resources for children … Continue reading

Latest News: The formula for edtech alchemy presented on Israel summit

eLearningworld News from Israel Israel Edtech Summit 2016 that takes place June 8-9 in Tel Aviv includes besides leading people from Israel education and edtech community and an edtech delegation from China also several other prominent international guests like the founder of Steve Jobs Schools, Maurice de Hond. One of many subjects that will be discussed at the summit is challenges on the pioneering edtech market and the role support and access to capital plays … Continue reading

Latest News: Digital Learning produces significant improvement of result, new research shows

eLearningworld News from US New research from Michigan State University shows that school’s that give pupils a laptop and accurate teacher support shows significant improvement in achievement. Binbin Zheng, assistant professor of educational technology, has analyzed years of studies on “one-to-one” laptop programs where the outcome is higher test scores in English, math, science and writing, along with other benefits. Assistant professor Zheng comments: “I believe this technology, if implemented correctly, is worth the cost … Continue reading

Latest News: Publishing Industry in Turkey – Educational Publications show Highest Growth

eLearningworld News from Turkey Turkey’s statitstical institute, TurkStat, statitistics of the national book market for 2015 shows an immense growth for educational books in all formats as well as for eBooks in general. The number of educational publications was 15 548, which is an increase of 25.6% in comparison with the previous year. This should be seen in the light that the Ministry of Education in Turkey in 2010 launched one of the largest educational … Continue reading