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Design Thinking for Publishing 4.0 – people-centred evolution

eLearningworld Weekly Review Axel Roesler, Associate Professor in Interactive Design at Washington University, writes on BigThink.com: “… the world of innovation is a world in which humans define what is new and accepted and embraced. So, yes, human interaction is essential when we innovate. And, yes, again, 21stcentury innovation has to be people-friendly.” Good design is thereby an evolution of ideas that is improving human interaction where one of the main drivers is technology. Publishing … Continue reading

Latest News: The Norwegian Government wants 0% VAT on digital media

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government proposes 0%VAT on digital media in its budget proposal. The cost would be around €37 million. Printed media including books is today free from VAT in Norway, while digital media pays 25% VAT. With the new proposal the government expects a more dynamic digital media market, where new concepts is tested and more financing is available. However, in the press release digital news and web-based TV is mentioned, … Continue reading