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Universities as the engine of social entrepreneurship

eLearningworld Entrepreneurial News In Stanford Social Innovation Review, Ben Mangan, Claire Markham and Kristiana Raube, all connected to Berkeley-Haas, identifies three ways for universities to become engines of social entrepreneurship. The platforms to build social enterprise, according to the authors, should include open doors to the classrooms of the voices of stakeholders. Meaning that it should work as a flipped classroom with focus on real life experience within the classroom. The second point is that … Continue reading

Latest News: Multiple-material 3-D-printing speed up transformation of manufacturing

eLearningworld News from US MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is now launching “Foundry”, which is a system for custom-designing a variety of 3-D printed objects with multiple materials. This new technology is adding a new dimension to both designing and manufacturing as well as have great prospects of speeding up the transformation from traditional manufacturing to manufacturing with 3D-printing technology. Until now multi-material 3D-rinting has been possible, but the outcome has not been … Continue reading

Latest News: New five year teacher education and digitization in focus

eLearningworld News from Norway The Norwegian Government wants to transform the teacher education to a five year program that better corresponds to todays and future working life. A special focus is set to attract more foreign teacher students to Norwegian universities. The aim is that the new teacher education program will start from the autumn 2017. The Minster of Education, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen earlier this year introduced the vision in the following way: “We must … Continue reading

How to develop Empathic Design that collaborate with peoples minds

eLearningworld advicestory Empathic design is focusing on the receivers subconscious desires by finding the implicit reasons people use your product or service. To put this method in practice you have to map emotions and motivations from potential target groups where you use formative research instead of summative research that usually is more common in design projects. Formative research begins at the beginning of a design project to work as a guide to align the design … Continue reading

Latest News: Schools see benefits with eBooks in the Classroom, according to new survey

eLearningworld News from US A new survey from ASCD and OverDrive shows that schools identify especially one benefit with eBooks in comparison with printed books to use in the classroom, namely, the great prospects of individualising the learning experience. Since reading is at the core of most classroom work, the benefit with digital reading allows students to absorb content at their own pace through its own learning path. Kate MacMillan, coordinator of library services and … Continue reading

Latest News: Digital Literacy and Innovation in Vocational Education

eLearningworld News from Germany Digitalisation of education is increasingly speeding up in Germany where a special focus in the over all creative environment is directed on vocational education. “Digital media in VET”-project is funded the German Ministry of Education and the European Social Fund (ESF) where digital media is recaptured to have immense potential in training with new forms of collaboration, effective ways of imparting the teaching and learning content. “Learning in the digital world … Continue reading

Latest News: Growing frustration at eLearning conference in Cairo

eLearningworld News from Africa The 11th eLearning Africa Conference in Cairo, Egypt, that took place between May 24-26 showed a sparkling startup-scene on the African continent. However, transforming the educational systems into the digital era that is a prerequisite to boost the economic and societal development is lagging behind. This caused a lot frustration at the conference, e.g. Egyptian minister of communications and information technology H.E. Yasser ElKadysaid: “We are not going to wait until 2063.” … Continue reading

Latest News: Slow school digitization in Finland and Sweden

eLearningworld News from Finland and Sweden In the Doctoral Thesis “The Subtle Inequality – On Schools’ Material Conditions and Students’ Learning Opportunities” Pär Isling Poromaa at the Umeå University shows that there are considerable differences in access to learning tools in Swedish schools. At the same time as the level of access to learning tools have significant impact on the pupils results. There is also a correlation between the level of learning tools and the … Continue reading

Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age

eLearningworld Weekly Review The job market is changing rapidly, but too many politicians still is promoting and sometimes make decisions on subsidies to professions from the 20th Century that is about to disappear. At the same time as they defend labour-market regulations that today only is holding people back. In a Harvard Business Review report the president of Northeastern University, Joseph E. Aoun, outlines a new labour market that is growing with hybrid jobs. This … Continue reading

Latest News: Human intuition beats AI in games, new research from Aahus University

eLearningworld News from Denmark Research, which recently was published in Nature from Aahus University, shows that Artificial Intelligence is slow to solve problems in comparison with humans. Both because it comes up with too many solutions and also trying to make the solution too perfect. Humans has with this in mind a benefit to outperform computers when it comes to speed and efficiency in problem solving e.g. in games, namely, by using intuition. Jacob Friis … Continue reading