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“If we stop learning new things, we are destined to …”

Lifelong learning is one of the most recognized terms within pedagogy. The European Commission defines the term as possibilities to add and update all forms of skills, interests, knowledge and qualifications during the whole life. In order to give people better prospects; ” … to adapt to the knowledge-based society” (…) ”and take better control over once own future.” This is great ideas, but how do you put these ideas into practice? During working life?… Continue reading

The benefits of learning to code at old adult age, new research from UC

eLearningworld News A new, probably the first, research study on people of the age of 60+ that is learning to code, has been published by the cognitive scientist, Philip Guo at University of California, San Diego. It is based on a survey that included 504 users of pythontutor.com between the ages of 60 and 85 from 52 different countries. The results show on what motivated older adults to learn coding was both age-related and non-age-related reasons.… Continue reading

Latest News: How information technology boosts brain capacity

eLearningworld News from the UK The Telegraph reports that research shows that the brains of middle-aged people are getting sharper and younger. The reason for this development is that people is struggling to keep up with the demands of modern technology. Cognitive test-results shows that people over 50 scores much better the recent years. The researchers explain this development with that people receive more mental stimulation from computers and smartphones nowadays. With this in mind… Continue reading

Latest News: LifeLong Learning – Investing time and effort in a new career after 50

eLearningworld News from Korea Have you passed 50 years of age? Then it is time to prepare for after the work force! In Seoul, Korea, LifeLong Learning Centers attract an increasing amount of students. In many cases people that is close to retirement-age, but instead of feeding doves, looking for a new carreer.  A survey from the year of 2014 targeting people 50+ by the Seoul Metropolitan Government shows that 2688 of 4101 responded that… Continue reading

The Century of the Brain and Computing Part 3: Brain gym

Working memory could be described as the ability to keep information accurate during a short time-period and it is also required in order to control the capability of concentration. This ability could be trained. Not only the body must be kept in shape but also the brain must exercise in order to function accurately and to develop. Experiments on adults shows that brain gymnastics can improve the working memory and the concentration capability with up… Continue reading