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The most interesting aspect of e-books


No, the most interesting aspect ofDen intressantaste aspekten av e-böcker e-books are not that you can walk around with an whole library in your pocket, that some claim is the best benefit, instead it is the intuitive experience. The authors of the The Horizon Report 2011 Edition write:

“The most interesting aspect of electronic books, however, is not the devices they are accessed with; it is not even the texts themselves. What make electronic books a potentially transformative technology are the new kinds of reading experiences that they can make possible. Publishers are beginning to explore richly visual interfaces that include multimedia and collaborative elements.”

From this prerequisite a successful e-book is not only interesting reading but a reading-experience. In this concern some of the e-book-format is too static. The tendency is that it becomes too much book on a jar and too little take advantage of the possibilities with technology.

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