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Frugal Innovation to improve learning

What is the main benefit with learning technologies? Engagement some will answer, others would say efficiency (including adaption to individual students), and yet others would claim mobility, however, to use only one word, perhaps simplifying covers the benefits best. And that this simplification in different ways is the driving-force for the others that were mentioned above. This is one frugal innovation’s basic cornerstones; the other is the skills of an alchemist put in practice. Meaning… Continue reading

Learning benefits of an interactive museum: A visit at Warsaw Rising Museum

In the latest story about modern math-education and the maker’s movement I wrote about the Greek company Museotechniki’s award-winning project: Museofabber. The project aims to open up museums to make it possible for schools to print 3D-artefacts of historical objects from their collections. In this story I explore the possibilities and added value with an interactive museum and learning.  The inspiration to this story I got from my visit in the Rising Museum in the… Continue reading

Computer in education: A critical review Part 2

The School-day is about to end and the students is bringing the computers home despite the fact that they are not useful for the homework they have been assigned. However, now is time to settle all disagreements, all conflicts during the school-day continues on the web. They who are the most exposed, the bullying victims, that before the web often had a safe haven in their home, are now followed with insults during all of… Continue reading

Computer in education: A critical review

The classroom rests in a doze. The efficiency of the learning is close to zero. All students have their own computer, but in front of the master’s desk the teacher presenting the subject with old fashion methodology. However, the computer should still be on after the headmaster’s and his superior’s decree. Since the school has bought computers to all students they have to be used, of course? This is an obvious distraction in the classroom;… Continue reading

The most interesting aspect of e-books

No, the most interesting aspect of e-books are not that you can walk around with an whole library in your pocket, that some claim is the best benefit, instead it is the intuitive experience. The authors of the The Horizon Report 2011 Edition write: “The most interesting aspect of electronic books, however, is not the devices they are accessed with; it is not even the texts themselves. What make electronic books a potentially transformative technology are… Continue reading

Gamification and learning – developing assessment Part 2

Fresh knowledge has in most cases an expiry date. In the new century it is often much closer than before. Societal transformation that took decades during the past centuries now takes years and sometimes months. Despite this the school-system still focuses on distributing and measuring knowledge. This is troublesome since it to a large extent prepares the learners with knowledge that concerns yesterday’s news. Deficits with traditional testing Besides the problems with focus on knowledge… Continue reading

Storytelling and shortcuts

Large-amounts of short information-chunks are overflowing us. Meaning and understanding is breached in favour of shortcut demands. The development of the digital world is in this line of thinking just another step in the development of the industrial society’s mass-production and mass-media where quantity always is more important than quality. Beside new technology especially younger generations, New Millennium Learners, are often criticised to be the main driving-force of this development. However, it is time to… Continue reading

External Motivation Part 6: How tutors can motivate eLearners

The road to become an effective eLearner means gain the ability to use technology to her own advantage e.g. in order to able to create her own personal learning environment. Here is one of the fields where generation differences are shown as was indicated in this article-series first part. In this article component three and four on how tutors as well as eLearning-developers can motivate eLearners will be described. 3. Motivate with technology Developers of… Continue reading

External Motivation Part 5: How a tutor can motivate eLearners

The following four components show how tutors can motivate eLearners. They have been constructed after an analysis of several studies that is based on eLearners experience of online-learning. Despite significant differences in comparison with traditional education the tutor is a very important part in the learning-process according to eLearners. But the requirements of an online-tutor differ. Especially the tutor’s engagement for online-learning as a method is crucial. Since eLearners often at the same time are… Continue reading

Intrinsic Motivation Part 3: Driving-forces and eLearning

Cognitive science shows that the more senses that are involved when you are learning the more you remember. With this conclusion a well-developed eLearning environment will become a perfect starting-point for learning. This is improved by the prospects of developing content that besides qualitative knowledge-creation also intend to empower the intrinsic motivation. Emotional intelligence Peter Gärdenfors, professor of Cognitive Science, writes in his book ”The desire to understand” (In Swedish: Lusten att förstå) that there is… Continue reading