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One more step towards a European eBook Market

eLearningworld News Step-by-step we see the lights of dawn for a European eBook market as the EU Commission and other EU institutions continue its work to create a European market for content and media. According to the new proposal that concerns geoblocking, all EU buyers abroad should be treated as locals, which means that EU-citizens should be able to buy digital- and physical products across the European borders without any price restriction or other obstacles.… Continue reading

21st Century School put in practice – Makerspace and reforming early Language Learning

eLearningworld News from Luxembourg and Finland Many Ministry of Education struggles to transform the educational system to better equip its pupils and students for the 21st Century society’s requirements. Two of the most interesting projects in this development are the BEE Creative program of Luxembourg and the pilot project for a future foreign language learning reform in Finland. Makerspace In November 2016 eLearningworld wrote about Luxembourg Ministry of Education, Children and Youth launch of the… Continue reading

40 years after the Soweto student uprising – ICT builds educational growth

eLearningworld Weekly Review Yesterday, forty years have past since the Soweto student uprising started. High school students protested against racism and other injustices in school and the change of language in education to Afrikaans, in Bishop Desmond Tutu’s words: “the language of the oppressor”. The 20 000 protesters was met by extreme police brutality from the apartheid regime where the official number of students that was killed is 176, but other estimations says that real… Continue reading

Transformation of Recruitment in a Digitized Age

eLearningworld Weekly Review The job market is changing rapidly, but too many politicians still is promoting and sometimes make decisions on subsidies to professions from the 20th Century that is about to disappear. At the same time as they defend labour-market regulations that today only is holding people back. In a Harvard Business Review report the president of Northeastern University, Joseph E. Aoun, outlines a new labour market that is growing with hybrid jobs. This… Continue reading

Lifelong Learning in a new Open Context

In an open source approach to lifelong learning the student becomes a co-creator of knowledge and skills. This is in contradiction to the 20th Century systemic approach where the learner was a passive receiver of information and strict how-to-instructions. Then, how do you upgrade and value quality of lifelong learning in an open context? Is MOOC the only possible form of borderless education for lifelong learners in higher education? What about lower levels with perhaps… Continue reading

Lifelong Learning or Opportunities Lost

Like in the 13th Century when a borderless network of universities began to spread the internet was from the beginning a network of scientists beyond the reach of the national governments. Later this developed into a global and anarchistic discussion-forum to on the brink of the 21st Century take another step in to become the global interactive marketplace it is today. A market for social networking, collaboration, ideas, products and services, which means an environment… Continue reading

21st Century School Part 2 – humanism or not

Should the school only teach humanistic values and focus on systemically meet the state’s workforce needs? Or should it use humanistic pedagogical methods where the goal is to empower the learner’s formation and individual choices of life path? We have seen the result of the first alternative during the past century, but to find the historical roots of the second alternative we have to turn Ancient Greece, to its central notion of Paideia. Here you… Continue reading

How to fight ignorance about the world

People do worse than chimps on a simple multiple-choice-test On three simple questions about the global development all groups of people tested did worse than chimps. In the very interesting TedTalk below Professor Hans Rosling and Ola Rosling discuss the role of media and the role of outdated education as well as personal bias as causes of ignorance and how to fight it. Continue reading

Computer in education: A critical review Part 2

The School-day is about to end and the students is bringing the computers home despite the fact that they are not useful for the homework they have been assigned. However, now is time to settle all disagreements, all conflicts during the school-day continues on the web. They who are the most exposed, the bullying victims, that before the web often had a safe haven in their home, are now followed with insults during all of… Continue reading

Pisa International Student Assessment: A critical review

What if skills and engagement to take exams are the main reason for success or failure? Are really East Asian school-systems that similar to e.g. European that a comparison is possible in concern of reliability and validity? Why are not understanding and creativity measured, but just knowledge-chunks? Math, Science and Reading skills, what about the other subjects? With these questions in mind, does the Pisa International Student Assessment really say anything about the conditions in… Continue reading