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Latest News: One Laptop per Pupil

eLearningworld News from Denmark: All pupils receive their own laptop in Faarborg-Midtfyn municipality on the Fyn island. The driving force is to create a general education-improvement in the municipality. At the same time the pupils are free to use their own IT-equipment if they like. Source: Jydske Vestkysten Continue reading

Latest News: EU Studies Fair 2015 in Brussels 6 & 7 February 2015

eLearningworld News from Belgium: The sixteenth edition of the graduate and postgraduate EU Studies Fair which introduces top-level universities to prospective students from around the world is taking place in the beginning of February. It is meeting-place for leading academic institutions that offering study programmes in European studies to show their courses and study environment. EU studies today include various fields from political sciences to law, business, economics and international relations. The programme of the EU Studies Fair Source:… Continue reading

Latest News: Global edtech investments increases according to report

eLearningworld News Global: In 2014 investments in learning technology companies landed on approx. 2 billion Euro in comparison from 1.4 billion the previous year, according to the report from Ambient Insight called, “The 2014 Global Learning Technology Investment Patterns“. Self-paced eLearning companies was the greatest winner, while reaching almost 1 billion Euro in 2014 in comparison to 0.5 billion Euro in 2013. Source: PRWeb Continue reading

Latest News: Municipality investing in School Digitalisation

eLearningworld News from Sweden: As a part of a big school development-project the municipality of Väsby in the Stockholm area will invest more than 200 000 Euro per year to digitalise the school. The investment is directed on technology, competence- and pedagogical development. The purpose is that all pupils in the Väsby municipality will have skills to use modern technology for an improved learning experience and thereby get better results. Source: Press release from the… Continue reading